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Frequently Asked Questions

What is boudoir photography & Who is it for?


There are no silly questions here, we've got you covered babe! 

Boudoir photography is a just a style of photography.

It is a celebration of femininity and self-love, and often involves the use of lingerie or other revealing clothing. At Seaweed & Diamonds we tell YOUR story by capturing intimate and sensual portraits. 

But WHO is boudoir photography for? Boudoir is for any HUMAN who wants to feel empowered, confident, and beautiful. It's often a way to celebrate marriage through a bridal gift, anniversary, or birthday. Or to celebrate one's own journey with their body, and seggsuality. It is not just for models or those who are in "ideal" shape either. Boudoir  is for any human who wants to celebrate their body, embrace their femininity, and have fun!


Do I have to wear lingerie or be nude for a boudoir photoshoot? 


No, you do not have to wear lingerie or be nude for a boudoir photoshoot. You can wear whatever makes you feel comfortable and confident, whether that is lingerie, a dress, or even a t-shirt and jeans.


Will my photos be private?


Yes, your photos will be private. At Seaweed & Diamonds we understand the importance of privacy and will only share your photos with your permission. We also provide every client with a contract that outlines our privacy policy.


How should I prepare for a boudoir shoot?


At Seaweed & Diamonds we KNOW that preparation is key to an effortless experience. That is why we provide a boudoir prep guide to each one of our clients. Preparation for a boudoir shoot  includes choosing outfits that make you feel comfortable and confident, practicing posing in front of a mirror, and preparing your skin and hair in advance. We give you tips and tricks on all of these topics babe!


Do I need to know how to model? 


No modeling experience is necessary! We pose you right down to your fingertips and we work with your own natural movement and body type to find poses that express you and who you are!


Do I need to have professional hair and makeup done?


While professional hair and makeup is not required, it can enhance the overall look of your photos and make you feel more confident. At Seaweed & Diamonds we  offer complimentary hair and makeup services as part of our in studio packages ( unless otherwise stated in the outline of your package) 


How long does a boudoir shoot take?


The length of a boudoir shoot can vary depending on the photographer and the package you choose. Some shoots can be as short as an hour, while others may take several hours. Your photographer will provide you with an estimate of how long the shoot will take.


What should I expect during the shoot?


During the shoot, we will guide you through different poses and expressions to create a variety of images. We will also provide direction on how to position your body and where to look. The goal is to make you feel comfortable and confident throughout the shoot. And we are REALLY good at hitting goals!


Can I bring a friend to the shoot?


Yes, you can bring a friend to the shoot if it makes you feel more comfortable. However, it is important to remember that boudoir photography is a private and intimate experience, and your friend should respect your boundaries. Oftentimes we suggest a friend coming with you for the first half of the shoot and then maybe grabbing lunch for you during the second half so you can have some of those intimate moments if you’d like!


Are the images retouched?


We do retouching on all of our images and it’s all included. We discuss retouching during your consultation and viewing session. 


How long does it take to receive my photos?


The timeline for receiving your photos can vary depending on the package you choose. You will see a “sneak peek” of your images during your viewing session. After that turn around time depends on the package you choose but typically takes 2-4 weeks. We will provide you with an estimate of when you can expect to receive your photos during your consultation. 

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Who Are We?

We are Seaweed & Diamonds and We’ve  been helping women get in touch with their femininity & sexuality for over 7 years through photographs. Women just like you!

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